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Is anybody out there dealing with depression and willing to give me some advice?

The most important person of my life suffers from depression and I want to help him. If you’d like to help me please send me a private message! I know it’s extremely hard and there’s probably no way out of this terrible illness, but I won’t give up! I just need to ask you a few questions!

I don’t belong here.

The mere sight of these damn mountains oppresses me beyond measure. I feel so trapped, I HATE this place, I hate it with all my heart.
I feel so free when I drive along my Bavarian fields, the way they stretch for countless kilometres calms me down every time and gives me that amazing sense of freedom and peace of mind… So WHY don’t you just let me stay there forever, I can’t stand these fucking mountains, life is so unfair, just take me to the only place on Earth where I could be happy forever and to the only person I love and that matters to me. I came back today and I’m dying inside, I won’t see him for the next THREE months and I’m already missing him like hell, I’m nothing without him, he’s my life, just let me stay with him.

i just want to fucking DIE